• Transfer from the hotel to the harbor (round trip ticket)
  • – Entrance to Taquile island
  • Entrance to Uros islands
  • Joint transport (round trip ticket)
  • Spanish/English guide
  • Lunch

 Day 1

  •   Pick up at the hotel or main terminal
  •   Transfer to the main port of Puno
  •   30 min travel to the Floating island of the Uros
  •   Free time to get to know the natives of the Uros
  •   The trip continues to the port of Taquile where you will be welcomed to the house by the host family
  •   Lunch with a family or in a restaurant
  •   Time to rest
  •   Hike to the highest peak at the island Taquile (Mulsina Pata) and the archeological sites
  •   Dinner with the host family
  •   Night of tales and cultural exchange

Day 2

  •   Taquilean sunrise (optional)
  •   Breakfast
  •   Time to dress up in the typical clothing of the island
  •   Walk to the main beach
  •   Lunch
  •   Agriculture practice with the family
  •   Practice with textiles with the family
  •   Sports afternoon (optional)
  •   Dinner with the host family
  •   Night music and demonstration of rocks

Day 3

  •   Breakfast with the family
  •   Walk to the main square and visit the community handcrafts center
  •   Free time to find your inner peace and rest at the main square
  •   Farewell lunch with the family (this is not included)
  •   Back to city of Puno

RECOMMENDATIONS Take a good meal before to travel to Taquile and buy supplies to the trip, we can provide you with fruits during transport, but is important to have enough energy to do the walks. Take a backpack to carry water, toilet paper, sun lotion, and other necessary things for the trip and the walks. At the office ‘Munay Taquile’, we can store up to 5 big pieces of luggage. There are three main rules that you must remember:

  •   Avoid giving our children candy because their teeth get damaged. If you wish to give a gift, you can deliver it at the office of Munay Taquile on the main square.
  •   Do not go away from the group to avoid getting lost, especially on ‘Full Day Tours’.

Please do not litter anywhere on the island, bring your garbage with you back to the mainland or leave it in bins provided.