In Taquile we continue keeping the culture alive with our typical dress, which in turn are recognized by our tissues as ART TEXTILE TAQUILE PATRIMIONIO ORAL AND INTANGIBLE OF HUMANITY, declared by UNESCO in 2005. We maintain the culture and tradition of our ancestors that was inherited us to today and we continue to practice, agriculture, textiles, infrastructure, Andean, only island cosmo beliefs where we maintain our three incaicas laws Ama k’ella (do not be lazy), ama sua (no you are a thief), llulla loves (do not be a liar), ayni and mink’a (today for me tomorrow for you), we are master weavers of textiles, unique in the Puno-Peru Lake Titicaca region, and perhaps in the world , our work demonstrated unique in our dances and how to live in harmony and joy.Vivencial taquileDSCN0356