• Munay Taquile was founded on the 9th of July 2008 by our rural community of the island of Taquile (Comunidad Campesina de la Isla Taquile). It is a travel agency of rural, community based tourism and is administered by the community of Taquile itself. Munay Taquile is made of members from the Taquilean community who offer their high quality services with qualified standards in the department of Puno, Peru.Munay Taquile shares common values of modern working methods and has the same way of working. In this way, we aim at gaining tourism to all the parts of the island. In order to reach this, our work philosophy is to aim at a fair price for the service given. We believe that tourism should benefit the community directly. All the activities and services that we offer are therefore carried out by the community and have a fair value, due to the fact that our way of working is sustainable with our culture and environment. Moreover, we use a rotation system for all our services in regards to transportation, accommodation, restaurants, local guidance and handcrafts. We are the only community company that exist in the community of Taquile and we are therefore aiming at, in the future, becoming well-known specialists within tourism and to become a big travel agency creating a brand in this field.
  • MISSION   “We are the travel agency MUNAY TAQUILE. We are competitive and innovative in our presentation of a range of high quality services and we are able to satisfy and to outdo our customers’ expectations. We are committed to Nature.”
  • VISION   “To be a leading travel agency in offering tourist services in the region of Puno, aiming at becoming well-known on an international scale through a management model oriented towards creating a permanent value for our customers, our members and the community.”
    • To position the company in the sales market with superiority and innovation with high quality standards in order to be profitable


    • To create economic income for the families of Taquile through sale of tourist packages
    • To sell handcrafts
    • To promote the tourism of Taquile
    • To re-establish homestay tourism which includes visitors staying overnight
    • To fully satisfy the expectations of the customers


    • To work together with professional personnel
    • Constantly qualifying our personnel
    • To hand in incentives to our human resources every 6 month


    • Responsibility
    • Honesty
    • Integrity
    • Ethics in the aspect of tourism


    • Leadership
    • Team work
    • Dedication to service
    • Trust